Research leaders network

What is the Research Leaders Network (RLN)?

The Research Leaders Network (RLN) is governed by

a Research Leaders Network Steering Group (RLNSG)

and grew from collegiate and informal meetings of key

Australian nutrition and dietetics research leaders

during 2017.

The impetus for an Australian and New Zealand RLN

was driven by key international and national work including

the WHO Decade of Action on Nutrition, the evolving

Decadal Plan for Nutrition in Australia and the

Future of Dietetics research in the UK.

What does the RLN and RLNSG do?


Leadership: provide strategic direction and influence

the agenda for Nutrition and Dietetics (N&D) research

priorities with achievable goals for the next 2, 5 and 10 years.


Visibility: ensure N&D-related research has the

prominence it deserves and is being led by appropriately

credentialed people, given the attributable disease

burden caused by poor diet.


Advocacy: lobby more effectively for allocated funding

for N&D research using a common voice for agreed goals.


Communication: to promote and support N&D research

goals and methodologies to other peak bodies, government

and industry.


Capacity Building: Support the next generation N&D

researchers in their career development and long term

research pathways for PhD students and post-docs.

What is the purpose of the RLN and RLNSG?:

Promote the scholarly aspects of N&D

Nationally and Internationally.

Provide a leadership group to increase

growth and the successful funding

of N&D research.

Lobby successfully for an increase in

the funding to N&D research in

priority areas.

Provide advice on research priorities and

the national research agenda in N&D to

key stakeholders and key decision makers.

Support Fellowship holders and provide

mentorship/assistance in support of

potential future Fellows.

READ: RLN Terms of Reference (ToR)

ToR also details Membership Criteria

May 2021

RLN Steering committee - CURRENT MEMBERSHIP

march 2022


Professor Rebecca Golley


Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli

Professor Karen Charlton

Professor Danielle Gallegos

Professor Judi Porter

Professor Linda Tapsell

Professor Helen Truby

Professor Eleanor Beck

As Current Chair of the

Council of Deans of Nutrition

and Dietetics Australia and

New Zealand

Professor Lauren Williams

As Current Chair of NaDEAN

Professor Rozanne Kruger

Representing New Zealand

member of the Council of Deans

of Nutrition and Dietetics Australia

and New Zealand

join the research leaders network:

Leaders in nutrition and dietetics research

are invited to self-nominate to join the

Council's Research Leaders Network.

Simply submit the form below

and we will be in touch shortly.

Membership Criteria* detailed here.

Membership Criteria* are given on page 4

of the Terms of Reference.

Please advice which of the following

criteria apply to your nomination:

A. Fellows of Learned Nutrition/Dietetics

Societies and Organisations.

B. Fellows or former Fellows funded

via competitive National Awards.

C. Level D & E academics with a strong

continuous track record in research

output including competitive funding.

D. Nutrition or Dietetics Researchers with

a strong continuous track record in research

output, particularly competitive funding.


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